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Stab Stitch

The Stab Stitch (often called a Straight Stitch) is very much like a Running Stitch, but it is worked one stitch at a time from both the front and back of the fabric in a controlled manner.  It is a useful stitch when working with thick fabrics (when you can't get multiple stitches onto your needle), when using an embroidery hoop, or when you want to create nearly invisible tiny, strong, stitches. It can be worked left-to-right or right-to-left. Do what feels best to you!

For a printable version of the Blanket Stitch Guide, click here.

Please note that this "Stitch Guide" is a work in progress. We'll have new a few helpful videos soon!


Start between the layers of fabric
Step 1:

Start with your needle in between the two layers of felt and poke it up through the top layer, about 1/8-1/4” from the edge of the fabric. (The knot will be hidden between the layers.)


First stitched worked from the front

Next stitch worked from back
Step 2:

Move a short distance (1/8”- 1/4”) to the left (or right) and insert your needle, keeping a consistent distance from the felt’s edge.

Step 3:

Move another 1/8”-1/4” in the same direction and poke your needle back up through the felt. Continue “stabbing” your needle down and up at a consistent distance.

Hiding Your Knot:
Step 4:

Reinforce the Last Stitch:
When you reach the end of the felt or need to switch threads, make a stitch in place by inserting your needle from back to front through the same hole as your last stitch.

Step 5:

Tie a Knot:

Pass your needle through the last stitch, forming a loop with the thread. As the loop closes, pass your needle through the loop to make a knot tight against the felt.

Step 6:

Hide the Knot:

Insert your needle next to the knot and exit it a short distance away. Pull the thread tight. Trim the excess thread off flush with the felt where it exited and your knot will be hidden!

Starting a New Thread

Always begin with your needle in between the two layers of fabric to hide your knot. Proceed from Step 1.

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