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Back Stitch

The Back Stitch is great for hand sewing two pieces of fabric together. You'll encounter it often as a basic assembly stitch in many of our Wee Things kits, such as when working with the knit cashmere supplied in the Wee Rabbits Kit and the Cat and Mouse Kit. In both of these instances, the Back Stitch makes a sturdy seam on the inside of the stuffed animal. No one will ever see your stitches!

Please note that this "Stitch Guide" is a work in progress. We'll have new illustrations and a few helpful videos soon!

Step 1:

Most sewing patterns will give you a suggested seam allowance. This is the distance you should keep between your stitches and the raw edge of the fabric. Start with your needle at the back of your fabric and poke it up towards you at the specified seam allowance. 

NOTE: Because the cashmere has an open knit, you'll want to reinforce your starting knot (and ending) with a couple stitches in place before you dive into your Back Stitched seam.

Step 2:

Begin as if starting a Running Stitch: move your needle a small distance away from your knot to the left (often 1/8" - 1/4") and insert your needle down through the fabric. Poke the needle back up an equal distance to the left again. Pull the thread all the way through. You'll now have one stitch showing on the top of your fabric and an equally sized stitch showing on the back.

Step 3:

Make a “back” stitch by moving your needle "back" to the right and inserting it down through the fabric at the spot where your last stitch ended. This new stitch will fill in the gap. Now poke your needle back up, advancing it beyond your furthest left stitch another 1/8”-1/4”. This will make a doubly long stitch on the back side of your fabric. Continue on, always moving ahead on the underside of your fabric, and moving back to fill the stitch gap on the top.

Each stitch on the top side of the fabric moves backwards to "fill the gap"
Side View
Note that the stitches on the underside of the fabric are twice the length as the stitches on the top.
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