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About Wee Things

Creating unique, natural toys for imaginative play.

It is often the little things in life that bring us the greatest delight, sometimes even without our knowing it. Children never think to question putting a small treasure in their pocket—a golden acorn cap, a bluejay feather, or a smooth beach stone—and find wonder in the simple pleasures of the natural world.

I opened the Wee Things Fiber Arts studio in 2014, inspired by my toddler’s endless curiosity and amazement in our natural environment. I had been working in the field of fine art as a curator and gallery manager, but as our family grew, it was clear that something needed to change; I was a maker by nature and motherhood gave me the excuse to indulge in my craft. 


Today, I design and create handmade toys, sewing kits, and fiber soft sculptures from my home studio. An eco-friendly practice, I use only natural materials and often feature up-cycled fabrics, such as gently used wool and cotton clothing. Each Wee Thing is a unique creation that goes through many iterations of design, fabrication, and detailing as I explore the object’s shape and individual character. Most designs also go through a key test phase with my two children!

I hope that my Wee Things will bring joy to your home and spread the infectious love of making.



-Rachel Beaupré, Designer and Founder

Wee Things is located in the beautiful historic village of Montague, Massachusetts.

My son, Elliot the Lobster (2012), and daughter, Gracie the Fox (2015), sporting their hand-made Halloween costumes. Design inspiration comes in all forms!

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