New DIY Sewing Kits!

Nothing could be more satisfying than making your own hand-made toys and gifts. Wee Things is pleased to announce the latest additions to our line of complete do-it-yourself kits and downloadable pdf patterns. 

Would you like to sew with Wee Things? Join us for a virtual Wee Rabbit Sewing Workshop in March!


Creating unique natural toys for imaginative play

It is often the little things in life that bring us the greatest delight, sometimes even without our knowing it. Children never think to question putting a small treasure in their pocket—a golden acorn cap, a bluejay feather, or a smooth beach stone—and find wonder in the simple pleasures of the natural world...

Toys, Gifts, Soft Sculpture
Rachel Beaupré, Designer and Founder

Each handmade toy and fiber sculpture is a unique creation inspired by my children's endless curiosity and amazement in our natural environment.