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Whip Stitch

The Whip Stitch is also known as the "Overcast Stitch," as each stitch of thread wraps around the edge of the fabric. It is a simple stitch for children to learn when sewing together two pieces of felt, where their sewing will be visible on the top side of their work (as opposed to stitching a seam with fabric right sides together and then turning it right-side-out, hiding the seam). You'll encounter it in many Level I felt kits, such as the Valentine Cookies. It's also an easy alternative anytime a Blanket Stitch is suggested.

Please note that this "Stitch Guide" is a work in progress. We'll have new illustrations and a few helpful videos soon!

Step 1:

Start with your needle in between the two layers of fabric and poke it up through the top layer, about 1/4” (or desired seam allowance) from the upper left edge. This will hide your knot in between the layers.

Step 2:

If your Whip Stitch is going to be part of a stuffed seam, you'll want to make sure that your knot doesn't pull through the felt under tension. As an extra security, make a first stitch in place by wrapping your thread over the top edge of both fabrics and poking your needle through both layers from back to front in the same place.

A first secure stitch in place
Step 3:

Repeat your first stitch, but this time, exit your needle about 1/8-1/4” to the right of your starting place. Continue working left to right (or right to left), always inserting your needle from back to front and moving about 1/4” away from your previous stitch.

Hiding Your Knot:

Reinforce your last stitch with an overlapping stitch, inserting your needle from back to front through the same place. Tie a double knot in your thread right against the fabric. Insert your needle next to this knot and exit it elsewhere, at least 1 inch away. Pull the thread tight until you feel your knot pop into the felt. Trim the extra thread off flush with the fabric. Your knot will be hidden!

Whipped stitches are slanted along the edge of the felt